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Prot. CMD-RI-02 | DFA-WHC – February 13, 2018   


The Department of Information, World Humanity Commission is pleased to announce the appointment of “Her Excellency, Amb. Dr. Priya Kaushal” as Deputy Ambassador to the Republic of India. The Embassy of the World Humanity Commission opened in India as per Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, the:


–––World Humanity Commission–––  

The said Embassy in India serving as the Headquarters of the Commission in India, working in consultation and close coordination with the: Department of Human Rights of the WHC in the Republic of India.

The high ranking Diplomats of the Commission “His Excellency, Amb. Mohammed Abdul Najeeb –Ambassador to the Republic of India; Her Excellency, Amb. Dr. Priya Kaushal –Deputy Ambassador to the Republic of India; and Dr. Midhunraj O –High Commissioner of Human Rights to India” meets at the Embassy of the WHC for formal consultation on diplomatic relations, briefings, coordination and operations. 


With all the Rights and Privileges appertaining thereto. In witness thereof, this Diplomatic Appointment duly signed, with the seal hereunto affixed, has been notified and accredited to both Department of Interior –Internal Affairs, and the Department of Foreign Affairs and under International Laws enjoys Immunity from criminal and civil jurisdictions.

The bearer shall be treated with due respect and all appropriate steps shall be taken to prevent any attack on the bearer’s person, freedom, residence, office, rights, properties, or dignity; and shall not be liable to any form of arrest or detention, but may be given notice of violation.

The Department of Foreign Affairs requires and request in the name World Humanity Commission, Governments, Organizations, Private Sector Agencies, Stakeholders, relevant Authorities, and all those to whom it may concern to allow the bearer of this Diplomatic Appointment to pass and work freely without let or hindrance and to afford the bearer such assistance and protection as may necessary under the International Laws, Humanitarian Laws, Treaties, Protocols and Status recognized by Vienna Conventions of April 18th 1961 and 1963 for protection of the Diplomats.

Law Enforcement Inquiries should be directed to the Department of Foreign Affairs | Headquarters of the World Humanity Commission, United States of America.

Furthermore, in the discharge of this civic responsibility, and in our collective determinations to make the world a better place for humanity, we will appreciate any support and assistance to the Commission and our Ambassador(s), to conduct WHC Works [programs, projects, and events] among other activities in a systematic way for humanity.  



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