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Headquarters of the World Humanity Commission

New York | Florida –United States of America

Monday, January 1, 2018

It is with great joy that we wish you a happy and prosperous new year. We want to encourage you to be hopeful and keep a positive mindset that our Society will be stronger than it has ever been. We encourage you to choose optimism over pessimism, hope over fear, and perseverance over despair. Though our society is faced with immense challenges at the moment, we want to assure you that these challenges will not last with God Almighty on our side.

We have been engulfed with far more challenges than our current situation as a people, and we have withstood the test of time because of the spirit of global unity and patriotism we have exhibited as a people. We implore you to exhibit the same unity and positive mindset amid our immense challenges that indeed the World will rise again, and that we will be a society of endless opportunities and a more united force than we have ever been. We are not known to be quitters, we are known to be a resilient people, and we have no doubt that we will overcome these challenges together as a people.

The future of our society looks vibrant, but we must all work together in oneness of purpose for a better Society. We encourage everyone to continue to pray for the World that peace will continue to prevail and that God will make us more prosperous. Let us continue to exhibit utmost patriotism and be our brothers’ keepers. Let us continue to be united and be a peaceful people, but most of all, let’s continue to be hopeful of a better Society. It is our prayer that 2018 will be the year that our true spirit of a loving and caring people will be manifested. We have no doubt that we will overcome these challenges and become a far better people than we have ever been.

May God guide you and bless your families all through 2018 and in the years ahead.

Once more, we believe without a shadow of doubt that World will rise again and become stronger; and that people will be more prosperous. Let's Keep Hope Alive!

Happy New Year.

God Bless World Humanity Commission! 

God Bless The World! 

His Eminence

Metropolitan Archbishop Count David J. Gagnon, D.D., Ph.D., FWCI

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