• To provide persons of every race, cultural and socio-economic background the opportunity to grow up with an orientation;
  • To make possible an environment where people’s minds and hearts can be inventive, brave, humane and strong – “where people can aspire to change the world”;
  • To seek and attend to the welfare and needs of the Poor, Children and with a special focus on the Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC);
  • To promote the goals and ideals for which WHC “Commission for Humanity” was established;
  • To promote and foster the spirit of Peace, Love, Solidarity, Unity, Oneness of Purpose among members, and the population of over 202 countries of the world;
  • To encourage individuals to be good Ambassadors of their respective home countries and their host nation.


  • MOBILIZATION AND COORDINATION: Fostering coordination, policy development and advocacy through establishing forums to ensure quality service;
  • CAPACITY BUILDING AND TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE: Building capacity and providing technical support to Governments, Local and International Agencies, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), and Faith-Based Organizations (FBOs);
  • LEVERAGING AND LINKING RESOURCES: Leveraging and linking resources, including clinical and community-based partners;
  • SYSTEM STRENGTHENING: Strengthening systems to enhance the effectiveness of the national and international programs;
  • SMALL INNOVATION GRANTS: Identifying new approaches to expand services and build the technical capacity of Community-Based Organizations (CBOs), Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and Faith-Based Organization (FBOs);
  • EXPANDING SERVICE OUTREACH: Expanding coverage and access to services, as well as improve technical capacity to deliver quality services;
  • SUSTAINABILITY: Undergoing organizational development training, developing policies and procedures in line with international norms and standards to guide operations, while improving capacity in both service delivery and organizational improvements.

As a strong catalyst Commission exists to bring countries of the world together; facilitate and avail them of the opportunities for rapid and harmonious development through cooperation in all aspect of economic activity, social, political and cultural matters.

Thus, it symbolizes the will and determination of WHC SYSTEM as the “Commission for Humanity” to promote diplomatic relations, economic integration and cooperation, among other activities across the globe.


                - Treaties and Protocols shall in strongest term possible ensure:

  • Harmonization (diplomatic relations, cooperation, ratification, domestication and integration) required for monetary policies and good functioning of countries as a community;
  • The abolition between countries of obstacles of the free movement of persons, goods, services, capital, residence, and establishment;
  • The elimination between countries, of Customs duties and other charges of equivalent effect in respect of the importation and exportation of goods between countries;
  • The Harmonization of economic and industrial policies of the countries and the elimination of disparities in the level of development of countries across the globe;
  • The establishment of a common Customs tariff and commercial policy;
  • The implementation of schemes for the joint development of transport, communication, energy and other infrastructural facilities as well as the evolution of a common policy in these areas;
  • The elimination of quantitative and administrative restrictions on trade among countries;
  • The establishment of a FUND for cooperation, compensation and development;
  • The harmonization of the agricultural policies and the promotion of common projects in the countries notably in the areas of marketing research and agro-industrial enterprises; and
  • Such other activities calculated to further the mission, objectives, vision, goals and aims of the Commission as the countries may from time to time undertake in common.

We are certain that various programs and projects among other activities of WHC SYSTEM will help countries out of its development challenges; and it is our hope and expectation to see countries working together towards resolving the problems that hinder the cooperation, integration and implementation.

Whereas, Initial Official Profile & Documents –Done, this 9th day of September 1987 for the same.

Whereby, Eight [8th] Review & Modification –Done, this 9th day of September 1994 for the same.

The text in English, bearing the seal of the World Humanity Commission, along with the original instruments of accession, is kept in the Archives of the Organization's Headquarters.

All Rights Reserved © 1987 Department of Information –Communication and Technology.

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