Gather resources and funding to provide healthy living conditions to the displaced people housed in Relief Camps being run under the management of Forces. The WHC relief operation will be conducted in a way that it should meet the total needs of habitants and should pave the way to take over, gradually, 37 camps managed by Army thus shedding away their work load.

HUMANITY FUND TRUST –a WHC endorsed “Relief Fund Trust” is a team of more than 2500 Volunteers from India and around the world includes professionals who can help turn crisis into opportunity for millions around the world. By trade, we are engineers, financial analysts, drivers, community organizers, project managers, public health experts, administrators, social entrepreneurs and logisticians.

In spirit, we are humanitarians, activists, optimists, innovators and proud partners of the people we serve in Peace or War or any kind of Natural disaster.
No one is more motivated or better equipped to create change than the person whose life and future is at stake and no one is smarter about what help is needed than the one who will benefit from that boost. At HUMANITY FUND TRUST –a WHC endorsed “Relief Fund Trust” of the WHC SYSTEM; our role is to help catalyze the change that communities want to see. It is their potential, their energy, and their ideas that ultimately will conquer the difficulties they face. Our job is to listen, assist, and connect them with the resources that will help them turn crisis into opportunity.

Our programs is been led by people of the region that speak their languages, know history, and actively invest in developing its human network. While our team members make critical contributions, we do not import foreign cures or impose developed-world perspectives. There are no one-size-fits-all solutions at WHC Relief Fund Trust. Rather, our teams involve local residents - who deeply comprehend the challenges and have the greatest stake in how they are solved - in designing and pursuing the best strategies for their communities.

Your Single penny Values –Make Changes
“Your single penny can change the life style of needy human beings. Come forward to help thousands of grieved families staring at the road for hours and hours for a relief truck, just for a piece of bread, bottle of water and a tablet of medicine. Attacking the relief providers like bees just for such a minor thing, but believe, that is not a pity thing for them, it’s their survival. 
HUMANITY FUND TRUST –a WHC endorsed “Relief Fund Trust” [HFT]

CONFLICT & WAR | War tears’ at every fiber of society, but conflict doesn't have to be violent to harm communities. HUMANITY FUND TRUST –a WHC endorsed “Relief Fund Trust” will work to not only help families rebuild after the destruction of war, but also manage friction points and find solutions so shots are never fired.
CIVIL SOCIETY | HUMANITY FUND TRUST –a WHC endorsed “Relief Fund Trust” believes that responses to emergencies and development must, at their core, focus on strengthening the bonds between the public, private and civic sectors. Our approach aims to build and improve societal relations based on the principles of peaceful coexistence, accountability and participation.

Citizen Involvement Societies are more peaceful and prosperous when citizens are actively involved in decision-making. WHC Relief Fund Trust helps create safe spaces where various stakeholders can discuss and debate the choices that affect their lives and communities.

CHILDREN | Children are remarkably imaginative and resilient — but also heartbreakingly fragile and vulnerable. HUMANITY FUND TRUST –a WHC endorsed “Relief Fund Trust” works with communities to shelter and nurture children through innovative education, health and nutrition programs. Teaching the next generation and keeping them healthy are essential to tomorrow's strong, vibrant societies.

DISPLACEMENT | Imagine having just minutes to take what you could take from your home before fleeing from disaster or war. This is the reality for millions of displaced families, who languish in overcrowded camps or lonely city streets with no idea when — or if — they can return home.

HUMANITY FUND TRUST –a WHC endorsed “Relief Fund Trust” (Registered under Trust Act) under the management of World Humanity Commission established to helps these families with basic supplies and shelter, temporary jobs, makeshift classrooms and preparation for a hoped-for return.

DISABILITY | Individuals with physical and mental disabilities often struggle for visibility and a voice within their communities. WHC Relief Fund Trust will help to empower them to organize, address their common challenges and advocate for the changes they need to gain access to education, services and jobs.

EDUCATION | Education is the foundation of progress, but it is often interrupted by extreme poverty, war and other crises. As a result, individuals and their communities often can't reach their full potential. HUMANITY FUND TRUST –a WHC endorsed “Relief Fund Trust” will work to bring access to education to women and men of all ages and economic groups to help ensure a better future for all. A New Civilization!

EMERGENCIES | Life can change for millions of families in an instant: natural disasters can take loved ones and the outbreak of war drive families from their homes. When the unthinkable happens, HUMANITY FUND TRUST –a WHC endorsed “Relief Fund Trust” will deliver rapid, life-saving aid to hard-hit communities.

GLOBAL ENGAGEMENT | We believe that educating and engaging the public about global issues is paramount to turning the tide against poverty.

HUMANITY FUND TRUST –a WHC endorsed “Relief Fund Trust” will raise the awareness of what it means to live on $1 a day — and how that affects access to education, health care and economic opportunities — while providing specific actions that empower concerned citizens to make a difference for people in need.

GOVERNANCE | Government should never hinder progress and prosperity. But communities around the world are often faced with leaders who are unwilling to listen or cooperate.

WHC Relief Fund Trust will help facilitate collaboration between government officials and the people they serve, leading to more accountable and productive leadership.
HEALTH | Our work to build healthy communities, families and individuals will be at the heart of HUMANITY FUND TRUST –a WHC endorsed “Relief Fund Trust” vision for social change. By partnering with a range of partners, from village health committees to government agencies, we will help build the means to improve maternal, newborn and child health, ensure proper nutrition and combat infectious diseases.
HUNGER | Millions of families around the world experience hunger every day. Food shortages due to poverty, disasters, conflicts and economic collapse lead to malnutrition, disease and death.

HUMANITY FUND TRUST –a WHC endorsed “Relief Fund Trust” food programs will concentrate on those who are most vulnerable —children, the elderly, pregnant women and the displaced.
MIGRANTS | Every day, many families face a grim choice: endure another surefire cycle of poverty at home, or search for better opportunities somewhere else. Those who remain struggle to make ends meet and preserve traditional ways of life, while those who leave can face bewildering challenges in new environments. HUMANITY FUND TRUST –a WHC endorsed “Relief Fund Trust” will help in both cases by strengthening rural economies and assisting those who have already migrated far from home.
PEACEFUL CHANGE | Many of poverty's root causes can be found in conflict over resources, philosophies and goals. WHC Relief Fund Trust believes that engaging potential adversaries in productive dialogue can lead to mutually beneficial solutions for change.

Conflict resolution today can help avoid tomorrow's wars and other crises.
SPORTS | HUMANITY FUND TRUST –a WHC endorsed “Relief Fund Trust” recognizes that sports can transcend difference. We will organize and sponsor tournaments, build athletic fields. We will also use sports to help children recover emotionally from trauma caused by conflict or disaster. In these and other ways, HUMANITY FUND TRUST –a WHC endorsed “Relief Fund Trust” will uniting former adversaries on the playing fields and teaching youth important lessons about teamwork, responsibility and leadership.

WATER | SANITATION | Water is essential for life, good health and economic development — yet more than one billion people lack access to clean water. HUMANITY FUND TRUST –a WHC endorsed “Relief Fund Trust” will work to fulfill the water needs of vulnerable populations: We will pipe clean drinking water to rural communities, help solve resource-based conflicts and deliver water to families during emergencies.

WOMEN'S EMPOWERMENT | Women are the foundation of every society. Yet for many women in the world's poorest regions, life is extraordinarily difficult. Through innovative health, agricultural, business and education programs, HUMANITY FUND TRUST –a WHC endorsed “Relief Fund Trust” will build on the courage and resourcefulness of women to help them realize their potential and improve their families and communities.

YOUTH | Youth have a bigger stake in the future than anyone. HUMANITY FUND TRUST –a WHC endorsed “Relief Fund Trust” will help to mobilize youth in India and communities of 202 countries across the globe to influence a better tomorrow, while also offer education and job training to impoverished youth to give them a place in the changing global economy.


Preview | World Human Commission (WHC) is engaged worldwide to both protection of human rights and to serve humanity during natural disaster, human induced and any other issue irrespective of caste, colour and creed. WHC SYSTEM initiated Relief Camp for Earthquake affected persons at Delhi during 2005, with the partnership of forces.

That not only helps relieving the worries of Earthquake affected people but also displayed live example that India nations join hands with each other to face any challenge encountered by the nation. 
Emphasis | Pakistan is facing a heightened crisis of human influx in its NWFP province (Swat Valley) because of ongoing military action against Taliban. Ten of thousands of families has been forced to leave their homes and take shelter in temporarily established camps.

Relief Camps established so far are with insufficient and resources are so meager and inadequate that could not meet the total needs and facilities of displaced people. The government has termed it as an EMERGENCY and seeks financial support for the victim of “war against Terror” from all quarters. In pursuance to the call, basing on the experience and outcome, WHC top management has decided to establish Relief Camp to support actively to the affected people in befitting manners. WHC is launching relief campaign “Swat Relief Fund” to help these displaced people with partnership of Armed Forces thus crafting an opportunity to display ideal environments of civil society and forces partnership. This will not only help image building of the Forces and WHC but will generate ample resources for the operation affected people of Swat.


With the urgent need to the address many concerns that are evolving in relation to Humanitarian Crisis and needs around the world the wish to greatly enhance the working ability of HUMANITY FUND TRUST –a WHC endorsed “Relief Fund Trust” is high.

Whilst there are numerous Volunteers noted the wish to ensure those persons are still active is very much required. This need to ensure that volunteer staff availability remains and find further willing persons must be reviewed.

The need to source Donations is one of some great urgency and this will very much hope take several forms:-

  1. Food Stuffs including Bottled Water
  2. Sundries
  3. Medical Aid (Staff and Equipment)
  4. Donated Time (i.e. Voluntary Staff)
  5. Transport
  6. Fund Raising (To Assist with overall costing and purchase items that are required)

Whilst the above may at this time appear to be basic requirements each has several sub-sections to be further encompassed and these shall be put in place as the Relief Fund Trust finds greater foundations and further grows go encompass the many needs of others.

Whilst the need remains high for greater donations there must be much thought placed to the cost effective running of this branch of World Humanity Commission. Legal definitions must be upheld and a fully transparent manner maintained also in relation to the works undertaken to improve upon the working relations between this and other Organizations. Being a recognized International Charitable body it is still felt that further Registration with the United Kingdom Charities Board is very much required so no concerns are raised as to the validity of this organization. However further registration shall be viewed with other recognized bodies to further enhance the recognition and working relations that are available at this time.

***Further Information***

Financial Crisis within Syria has now left many unable to access medicines and other similar items needed for medical treatments which are in fact available. With this lack of ability to access these items there is a need to review the overall concerns as best possible and to see if there are adequate ways to overcome this. This may find a need to interact more closely with other agencies so skills and resources are bought together thus effecting a more cohesive and efficient body. Much discussion and efforts need to be placed into bridging the financial concerns that are with-holding many from accessing these much required items.


Director General for Relief Fund Trust | Department of Humanitarian Aids   


  • Establishment of Relief Camp at National Stadium Delhi and later at other part of India
  • Launch a nationwide campaign to gather fund and relief goods.
  • Activate International donors to help the humanity in Cozy.
  • Establish a model Relief Camp at Delhi, housing 5000 families (35000 persons)
  • Take over Management of Relief Camps being run under the management of Army thus displaying ideal environments of civil society and forces partnership.
  • By providing healthy living facilities to the displaced people at camps, showing the world over that India can face any challenge in the days to come. 
  • Launch effective Fundraising Campaign to gather funds for management of Relief Operation


  • Establishment of camps
  • Providing basic hygienic facilities
  • Food items
  • Drinking Water
  • Establishment of Medical Aids / Hospitals
  • Establishment of Camping School for displace children
  • Measures to fade off war phobia from the children


  • Establish Relief Camp at National Stadium Delhi followed by Camps at other places
  • Evolving transparent and effective distribution and supply system of relief goods
  • Activating WHC members, the world over, to launch relief campaigns, to support humanity in Cozy
  • Establish an ideal WHC Relief Camp at Delhi
  • Launch charitable events for gathering funds and generating resources for the relief operation.


  • The People to Serve; Only registered displaced people will be served in camps
  • Donation Management Policy
  • Relief Goods received will be strictly accountable and proper record of receive and distribution will be maintained.
  • Fund Received from Donors will be deposited and maintained in Cozy Relief Fund Account and hiring experts.
  • Proper audit of account will be arranged and managed periodically and regularly
  • Maximum operational assignments will be run through volunteers (male, Female) but unavoidable expenses will be born through Relief Fund Account.
  • Volunteers of following categories will be called:
  • The volunteers operating with WHC SYSTEM will be properly registered and record maintained.
  • Working bounds laid by the forces at home and far end will be strictly adhered to.
  • Forces will be requested to extend Security, Vigilance, Supervisory and Coordination service at each end for the relief operation through appointing Liaison Officer. 

All the data information mention in the rules from time to time is alterable and/or changeable by the World Chairman of WHC SYSTEM.  

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