Against the backdrop of the devastating conditions and plights of the poor, we sincerely dedicate ourselves in collective efforts to:

  • Champion the developmental and humanitarian cause; discover our identities, divine potentials, talents, abilities and capabilities; eradicate our plights and pains of the past; transform our traumatized society into a culture of respects for individual's rights; promote peace, democracy and good governance; and uphold the rule of law for humanity. 
  • Build a clean, healthy and wealthy environment “cozy community” of sustainable economic growth and development; where each individual can live in freedom, harmony, cooperation and co-prosperity; through application of universal special goodwill and strengthening friendship between people across the globe.  



  • To correct the menacing threats posed by past inabilities and inadequacies;
  • To be the father, mother, brother, sister and guardians to the poor, with special focus on the child development cause, through a holistic service package; and
  • To speedily achieve a developed and model status for the African Child, Orphans & Vulnerable Children, and the Poor, and to secure a brighter future for those adversely affected across the globe by poverty, sickness, lack of practical love and care in the society.


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BRIEF BACKGROUND | The World Humanity Commission Information Centre [WHCIC] provides up-to-date information and material on the aims and activities of the World Humanity Commission to the public. 

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