Creatively leverage government, public and private partnerships:

  • To promote diplomatic relations, cooperation and integration, to the prospect of establishment of an economic union in countries of the world, in order to raise the living standards of its people and ensure sustainable economic growth, foster peace and unity among 202 countries, and contribute to the progress and development of the world;
  • To promote, facilitate, champion and foster the administration of human values, coordination, consultation, negotiation, mediation, lobby and lobbying for Humanity, as part of the goals and the essence of the Commission’sexistence and activities;
  • To massively campaign against the dehumanization of vulnerable persons amongst other population of the society; lobby and collect donations for, and provide humanitarian aids to the needy, and assistance to Community–based projects that restores a complete feeling of self-worth under a sustainable poverty–free environment, for Humanity.
  • To develop life transforming mutual relationship, programs, services and support relating to working as a strong and powerful bodies to achieve direct impact on societal lives for the transformation and advancement of Humanity.
  • To support each other with ideal ideas, strategies, publicity, media, publications, opportunities and any other support that will help in achieving the straight of our missions.

Core Values is built upon Integrity, Teamwork, Professionalism, Commitment,

Innovation, Creativity, and Discipline.

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BRIEF BACKGROUND | The World Humanity Commission Information Centre [WHCIC] provides up-to-date information and material on the aims and activities of the World Humanity Commission to the public. 

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