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The term we pronouncing here as #HeForShe which having an agenda for Women Solidarity and Gender Equality that aiming to end poverty, gender equality and protecting women environment from domestic and non-domestic violence.

The World Leaders under the roof of United Nations are united to "Transforming Women World as with Sustainable Development which carries rationalized growth for betterment."

Why we focusing on #HeForShe instead of She as target candidate of Society, it means that we are ready to accept with evidence and witnessing that we really want this planet earth a real better place we need to focus on women in their life spectrum which require to show the colour of:

• Justice

• Equal health and safety right

• Active participant of societies

• Education

• Women consideration as an asset

• Women legal rights in will, etc.

Women can’t be a women without man acceptance its time to view and accept women as women and consider her with all the status of her vitalities for society as her first sustainability starts from her home which consider her as pride then no one able to stop her honors which she able to deliver in society where development take start from her.

Our Tabinda Hafizwalla, not as an Ambassador, not as President ,not as Well-Being Consultant, not as a Concept Writer as well but just as Women as UN Women Ambassador like to play my vital role in the Development of Women Solidarity #HeForShe.

We may not know what we can achieve, but we have seen what we can overcome and we never under-estimate the Commission again and again.

I, “Ambassador Tabinda Hafizwalla” –Tabinda Babar Hafizwalla in WHC GENDER ENTITY as HeForShe, and I worth it in phenomenal ways.

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