WORLD HUMANITY COMMISSION refers to as [WHC] and also refers to as [WHC SYSTEM] -“Independent and Sovereign Inter-Governmental Organization” is the “Commission for Humanity” whose daily diplomatic role is serving humanity; providing better platform upon which peaceful co-existence across people of ethnic background, irrespective of sex, cast, creed, political, culture, and religious lines. Understanding that, HUMANITY requires us to work towards overcoming the boundaries of race, religion, nationality and culture which have historically divided our society.

WHC SYSTEM is composed of over 202 Countries, headed by the World Chairman, the President assisted by a Vice President, the Secretary General assisted by Deputy Secretary General(s), High Commissioners, Council of Representatives, Commissioners, and Standing Committee(s), comprising of experienced bureaucrats; leaders of the world politics, arts, culture, literature, and science, among other diplomacy personalities who are intelligent, goal-oriented and personable. These are progressive distinguished men and women of repute from countries across the globe, all walks of life, and faiths; who have dedicated themselves to the question of humanity, providing the Leadership - volunteerism and service in this new civilization and reorientation, with objectives that makes a difference in their communities; building a world of sustainable peace where each individual can live in freedom, harmony, cooperation and co-prosperity; creating great opportunities for targeted business dialogue, community involvement, learning and participation; and contributing treasures to the society for humanity, through application of universal special goodwill and strengthening friendship between people across the globe.

Consequently, we undertake to strengthen coordination in which the strategic development action plan reflects input from all relevant stakeholders and member countries to collectively promote diplomatic relations, cooperation and integration aimed at achieving inclusive, equitable and sustainable economic growth, development and political stability, to ultimately take ownership for the realization of new civilization and new vision of moving from a Community of States to a Community of People. “One Community - One Vision - One Reality” –a single economic space of over 202 countries.  


The earth is a global community with historical, cultural, geographical and political cohesion, which paved the super-platform for the creation of an Independent and Sovereign Inter-Governmental Organization - “WORLD HUMANITY COMMISSION” refers to as [WHC] -“Commission for Humanity” on 9th September 1986 through 1987, and also refers to as [WHC SYSTEM] on 11th December 1987, based upon the passion and desire of the “Imagemaker” filled with a privileged responsibility to create a cozy society; thereby, founded and established World Humanity Commission as the "Commission for Humanity", to champion developmental and humanitarian cause. 

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As part of the reorganization process to make it more efficient and more sustainable for many more years (generation-to-generations) to come, WHC SYSTEM is pre-occupied with the implementation of critical and strategic programmes that will deepen cohesion and progressively eliminate identified barriers to full integration.

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BRIEF BACKGROUND | The World Humanity Commission Information Centre [WHCIC] provides up-to-date information and material on the aims and activities of the World Humanity Commission to the public. 

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